Marketing Franchise Dashboard: Data Application

The Challenge

Executive leadership needed an actionable dashboard to get a pulse on the company's existing portfolio, and quickly understand where the problem areas were.

User's Goal & Requirements

CEO & others in executive leadership

User Goals:
‍- To grow and maintain profitability
- To increase new client acquisition and reduce client turnover
- To transition company into a “sales-focused” organization and reduce salespeople turnover

User Tasks:
- Identify movements within existing portfolio, from both a franchise and client perspective, and understand why those movements took place.
- Apply pressure on underperforming franchises/salespeople, and reward high performers.
- Drive strategic projects, such as VP Office removal, Sales Training Plans, etc.

Users' Common Analytical Questions:
- What’s changed in my financials since last month?
- Is this consistent with what happened last year?
- Who are my trouble franchises? Who are my best performers?
- What clients/categories of clients can we either upsell or prevent from dropping?
- How can we reduce turnover and improve sales performance?


Because executive leadership needed to get a pulse on all of their business segments, from wholesale to retail, owned to not owned, we had to map out how these different segments fit together, and what flow of dimensions made sense to display from the executive viewpoint.

Corporate Dashboard


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