ux designer & poet

I am making
in the mystery

& whether I’m drawing up digital spaces or mingling with words on a page, I am often playing inside the unknown, because I believe this is where the miraculous is born, and where meaning– that slippery but necessary thing– begins to take shape. . . until it can be held in our hands.

When I am with my work, I center around:


Curiosity is a door that leads to more doors. I am amongst perpetual possibility because of it. Humility has proven to be a helpful guide here, and wonder a frequent output.


Clarity is essential when creation is messy. I believe that the practices of research & listening are precursors to a clarified vision. And vision is what casts light into chaos.


Conviction is the voice of my gut and my heart. I use it as a data point, a single northward star, to help me determine if I’m moving in a meaningful direction.


User Research & Synthesis
Data Analysis & Visualization
Storytelling & Content Strategy
Workshop Facilitation
Personas & Mindsets
Service Blueprints & User Journeys
Information Architecture
High-Fidelity Mockups
Prototyping & Usability Testing

📍 Los Angeles, CA

I believe that the most meaningful products are those that have a deep understanding of their users, and perpetually recalibrate to them. I specialize in translating this user knowledge into impactful feature-based solutions.


Digital Projects >

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Community & Personal Projects >

Pezestrians Poetry Group

A community of poet-friends in Atlanta. We met every week for two years to workshop each other’s work. We also hosted free monthly open mic nights in the city and published the occasional chapbook under Sidewalk Poetry Press, distributing them in Little Free Libraries around the neighborhood. See more at my co-founder Emma's website.

Speaking & Teaching

⊛ Mentor at DesignLab
⊛ After-School Tutor at 826LA
⊛ Poet at Worldwide Vigil for the Victims of the Atlanta Shooting
⊛ Inaugural poet at the 2021 UX Hustle Summit
⊛ Guest on UX Hustle Podcast
⊛ Facilitator/Creator of a Spoken Word Poetry Workshop, a workshop for high schoolers to start writing and performing their own spoken word poetry, and for teachers to use spoken word poetry as a tool for authenticity & freedom.

Published Works

⊛ Star82 Review: "Wintering Sun" and "The faucet is leaking dear"
⊛ Hot Pot Magazine: "How to make dumplings"
The Los Angeles Press: "Heaven Now"
Curio Cabinet Magazine: "Breadcrumbs"
⊛ Wildroof Journal: "Love, a Shapeshifter"
⊛ ABC's of AAPI Coloring Book: A coloring book made in partnership with the Asian American Advocacy Fund, featuring beautiful illustrations & stories about historical & present-day AAPI legends. Read more.


Let's make meaning together.
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