Rethinking the EV Owner's Charging Experience


Florida Power & Light is the largest power utility in Florida, serving roughly 5 million customers.


Primary UX Researcher & Designer;
Responsible for research synthesis & concept ideation


2 months (and ongoing)


FPL EVolution is poised to be the largest EV public charging network in Florida, with more than 1,000 charging ports. How can we enhance the app experience throughout the customer journey, redefining how consumers charge, and positioning FPL as the leader in EV electrification?

Research Activities

In a collaborative workshop with over 15 participants from Marketing & Communications, FPL Development, IT, and Customer Service, we gathered to collectively define the future vision of the FPL EVolution mobile app and how it fits into the broader customer ecosystem.
In this workshop, we collectively defined personas & mindsets, analyzed gaps & opportunities in the current user journey, looked at inspiration and what-if scenarios, created concepts, and mused about what future success looked like.

What We Learned


Provide Timely Guidance

Provide relevant information and real-time support specific to the needs of both guest user charging for the first time and experienced customers facing issues.


Incentivize Stickiness

Create a more meaningful and loyal experiences with gamification, membership tiers, and social tactics.


Increase Exposure

Use cross-platform marketing and leverage EV partnerships to increase exposure amongst both FPL and non-FPL customers.


Support Smarter Charging

Empower a frictionless and no-touch experience with RFID tags, SmartCar APIs, Wallet NFCs, geofencing, and more.


Consider the Whole User Journey & Ecosystem

We broadened our scope to include not only the app experience, but also all touchpoints surrounding the app, and the various phases of the charging experience (from awareness to charging to learning to loyalty). We also considered what the primary and secondary features of the app were, and the integrations & extensions that could then elevate the experience.

Concept Exploration

We created a library of conceptually cohesive, integrated & holistic service offerings that frictionlessly complements the FPL ecosystem, continuously evolving based on users’ needs & patterns. Below are a few samples offer ideas.

Phase 1: Awareness

Market & Position

Increase exposure to FPL’s presence in the EV space, amongst both FPL customers and non-FPL customers.

- Market across FPL's Green Suite
- Connect FPL apps & experiences
- Create partnership opportunities

Phase 2: Charge

Optimize & Support

Create a frictionless charging experience that supports the customer all throughout their entire process of charging.

- Simplify entry
- Enable seamless charging
- Provide real-time customer support

Phase 3: Learn

Equip & Teach

Equip users to charge, and increase their confidence in FPL’s EVolution app and the network at large.

Phase 4: Loyalty

Incentivize & Engage

Cultivate community-wide engagement and encourage customers to stay loyal to the FPL network. 


We then ranked the concepts with the business, scoring them across three variable: Important to Customer, Important to Business, and Feasible to Bring to Market. The project is still continuing today, with app enhancements and integration with FPL's Home Charging program.

"This was the best presentation we've ever seen. We loved the strategy and overall approach."

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